Each passing year it seems that my Halloween costumes take on a more and more makeup oriented design. This year I might have upped the stakes higher than I thought possible...I'm starting to get a little worried that this idea won't work. Might as well go all out seeing it could be my last time to dress up, right?

I plan on being a fembot for Halloween this year. Not your typical Austin Powers fembot either. I'm going to be building off of the woman robot design of Micheal Oswald, who is a great photo-manipulator/photographer that I have been inspired by for awhile. I should also blame Robyn, who's album I would listen to on repeat while painting the fence this summer. I'm sure her song Fembot also subconsciously affected my costume idea.

Fembot by Robyn

Micheal Oswald's female robots are sleek, human-like...and intricately edited on photoshop to look as realistic as possible. I'm armed with paints, moisturizers and bronzer, all with the hopes of being able to contour and create semi-realistic looking robot segments on my body. Wish me luck!

Here are pieces from Micheal O's AmalgaMATE series; half for my own reference, but also so you guys know what I'm talking about. He's got a wonderful gallery on deviantART, I highly recommend checking it out if you're interested.

AmalgaMATE 2 by *MichaelO on deviantART

AmalgaMATE 3 by *MichaelO on deviantART

AmalgaMATE 5 by *MichaelO on deviantART

No worries family, I'm planning on wearing a black dress. No bras and panties for me!