Rain, Rain

So it's been raining almost every day for the past two weeks here in Guelph. After looking at the forecast for the next few days I realized that there will still be a lot of rain in the upcoming week.

What is it with Guelph and rainy autumn weather? I assume it's going to be spring that's wet and rainy, but fall always seems to catch me off guard when I don't have a raincoat or an umbrella. Thankfully, I'm armed right now with all my springtime rain gear... it just seems that I'm missing out on all the wonderful colors of fall when the leaves are so wet, brown and soggy. Whatever happened to colorful and crisp?

For those of you who are feeling like me right now, here's a gorgeous and inspirational video on the rain. Watching this makes me feel much more optimistic... a new perspective can make dreary and rainy weather a lot more bearable.

Speaking of rain - me and the boys had our grad photos taken this Wednesday! We booked this date a month in advanced, and of course is had to be raining throughout the day. What's worse is that some of these photos are taken outside. With the scenery and the trees the professional grad photos usually look gorgeous...but I didn't realize we'd be taking them in the rain! Surely enough, we went out for the photoshoot armed with umbrellas. I'm hoping my hair didn't frizz up into a mess with all the water and wind.

We took an adorable picture before we went to the professionals though:

Here are all five of us in the University Center, looking all fancy for our expensive photoshoot. Don't we look so cute and charming? I love it when guys get dressed up and wear ties. 

The current plan is that this cellphone picture is going on the mantelpiece if my hair turns out to look like a shag carpet in all the grad photos. Actually... I love this picture so much I might just print it and stick it on my wall regardless.

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