Show and Tell

Hey guys,
I have two things to share with you!

Number one:
I'm sporting a huge bruise that's just started to turn the most beautiful shades of peacock green and blue. Actually, I think it's two bruises that have taken up residency fairly close together.

I'm not quite sure where I got this battle wound from. It was already starting to form yesterday afternoon so it didn't have anything to do with my Halloween festivities. I think it's from ultimate frisbee, because our last game was on Thursday and it was really frosty. I did collide with a couple of players while I was trying to stop... I just didn't think I hit anyone that hard!

Mystery bruise aside...
Number two:
I've gotten my hands on the new Coldplay album! 
I've only listened to it once so far, but I like it already. Some songs I can already tell are going to be on repeat are Up With The Birds, Princess of China, and Hurts Like Heaven

I get so goofy and excited when I have new music to listen to

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