Hey everyone!

So the internet has been back and functioning for a few days now, and I'm finally done the two midterms I had this week. Life feels so much more organized when I can check my email regularly and download class notes without a trip to the library.

Which reminds me! I have to tell some of you what happened to my beloved laptop...

It happened last Friday night; the internet had been out since 4 in the afternoon and I decided to pack up my bag and bring my laptop to the library. I had turned down a night of Oktoberfest festivities in Kitchener, so I was determined to get a lot of studying done so I could make turning down the fun a productive and smart decision.

It was raining outside, but I still wanted to take my shortcut through campus by cutting through The Green (a large and beloved field in the middle of campus). I usually pride myself on never slipping while walking on The Green despite the elements - but that night was the night. I slipped on some wet and muddy grass and ended up falling backwards onto my backpack. I remember hearing a crack.

Once I got to the library I saw the source of the crack: the side casing of my laptop had popped open. I wasn't too concerned at first. My Dell Studio came in the cheapest looking shell in the world, so I just snapped it back in place. But then I realized that my screen wasn't working. With the ceiling light directly pointed at my screen I could just barely make out the normal start-up menu; I must have broken whatever provides the backlight for the screen.

That's when I panicked. Midterms were just starting, and I really couldn't afford to lose my laptop for several weeks for repairs. Leaving it as it was was unquestionable...unless I wanted to hold up a flashlight to see my screen. My solution?

Meet my new external monitor! At least my laptop was still functioning. I was able to make the quick decision to just convert it to a desktop computer for now and worry about repairing it later. In the end my battery life was so bad that the laptop was pretty much a desktop anyways. The only problem is now it's not mobile, so I can't bring it to the library or to class.

There are some good things about this situation though! Kevin was kind and helped me pick the monitor, and I ended up justifying buying with a small HD tv. At least this way if I do end up fixing my laptop I'll still have a functioning tv, and not just an expensive monitor that'll go in storage. So now I get some HD quality laptop browsing, and I can also watch tv whenever I feel like it.

Even with the new monitor my weekend without internet or cable was terrible. I got a lot of studying done, but during breaks I was stuck playing the games on my ipod and browsing old photos on my computer. It got to the point where I got pathetically good at my Robot Unicorn Attack game...so glad I paid the $1.99 for the app.

I challenge everyone reading this to try to beat my high score. You can play the game for free right...here.
It's amazing.

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