Berries & Blueberry Tea

I settled down by my bedside earlier this evening to catch up on some readings and indulge on my latest craving: berries. Blueberries and raspberries were on sale at my local grocery store this week, so I stocked up. 

For some strange reason I've also been craving blueberry tea despite never having tried it before. This Wednesday I succumbed to that craving and bought myself some Tetley tea bags.

It's delicious. If you let it steep long enough it tastes just like blueberries and it makes your room smell fantastic. The ginkgo herb is also good for keeping your mind active and alert, which is something I could probably use more of.

Any friends in Guelph are welcome to come by and give it a try! It'll definitely have a permanent spot among my usual teas from now on.

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