Meet Otis

Meet Otis, a dog my sister Pamela gets to babysit frequently throughout the summer. It's always a treat being able to have a dog in the house because we could never have a pet with my mom's allergies. Otis is a puggle (pug-beagle mix) and belongs to one of Pamela's close friends.

I think my whole family loves having Otis around. He's a well behaved and friendly dog, but also has a lot of energy. He was my trail hiking buddy for a couple of weeks last summer, and I'd take him on walks with me through the ravine to see the barred owls.

He's also the first dog I've met that would chase a frisbee - although we discovered this unintentionally. Pamela was walking Otis to the park and I decided to come along and practice throwing my disc golf discs. To my surprise Otis would actually run down the disc...and then chew it to pieces. I let him gnaw on it for a couple of minutes while I took pictures because it was just irresistibly cute.

While Otis was staying with us I also took the opportunity to take some portrait shots of him whilst he was cuddling on my bed. He's got such a cute face with some of the best features of pug and beagle put together.

He got bored of my picture taking and decided to doze off. Here's a goofy shot - not exactly the most flattering view of his pug snout. What a dork!

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