I usually can't stand proposal videos - I don't go looking for them because I find them way too sappy. However, I really liked this one. I actually came across it because my old friend from elementary school, Brittany Kennell, is a singer/songwritter who's song is featured in this video.

Perhaps it's also the Montreal couple that makes this video so likable for me. After all, I was born in Montreal and I will always feel some nostalgia for my first home. I think it's the picture at 4:40 that sold me the most; nothing like a sneaky proposal message delivered underneath Montreal's skyline.

This whole video is the result of 6 years of planning and one really smart guy. I find it amazing that for the 6 years this couple was together, they were so sure of their love that they went around the world taking pictures to prove it. Utterly romantic...but is that how it always works? Do couples always know? I feel so clueless about love these days.

It isn't even like this is just another random couple on the internet either. These are two loving people from my hometown. The reality of it hit me by surprise. Well, I wish this adorable couple nothing but love and happiness in the future...from the looks of things they already have a great start to their life together.

Oh - and for anyone who likes country or folk music, please check out my friend Brittany Kennell.
Not only is she beautiful, but she's got an amazing voice as well.

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