Girly Obsession

For some reason as I continue to get older, I grow more and more out of my tomboyish ways. I still can't figure out exactly why it's happening. Perhaps because I'm growing my hair out? Or maybe it's my maternal clock getting ready to hit me with the sudden desire to start making babies? ...I sure hope it's not the latter. 

Regardless, one of my latest obsessions has been lipstick. It's one form of makeup I've never really gotten into before, but lately the need to grow a lipstick collection has hit me with full force. Now, I've owned red lipstick before for nights out, but I've never had any casual colors to wear day to day.

Meet my first pink lipstick! It's Demure from Revlon - it's actually in their neutral collection, but it comes off as a very sheer light pink. At first I was skeptical because I hate glittery makeup and a lot of pinks are full of sparkle (I guess I'm not that girly just yet). But Demure goes on really lightly, and the small amount of glitter in it acts as a shine on your lips.

This lipstick is very creamy, and I find the sheerness of it actually works to its advantage. On my natural lip it provides a nice shade of pink and a bit of shine, but if I put on lip liner first it'll add a very nice stain on top of the base. 

Here are some examples. 
Here's Demure on top of my natural lip:

 See what I mean? It's just a very subtle pink, with a bit of shine. 

And if I neutralize my lips before applying the lipstick it comes off as a much lighter shade of pink. This would be the true color of the lipstick without any underlying redness showing through.

Lastly, here's a picture of Demure on top of a cinnamon colored lipliner called Spice (by Rimmel). It just adds a very subtle gloss and pink overlay to a lipliner, and because it's a cream it's very moisturizing. I think I might wear this for events over the holidays when a red lip might be too bold.

So what do you guys think looks best? Opinions? Should I spare myself the effort and stay away from lipsticks altogether? I feel like this lipstick makes the color of my hazel eyes pop, so for now it's definitely been a good purchase.

Anyways, I've put you guys through enough girlishness for the day! I hope you're all doing well and are enjoying the beginning of winter!

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