Holiday Decor Part 2

After yesterday's post I decided it would be fun to include more pictures of some of the old homemade Christmas crafts we have lying around the house. Rest assured, while they may be strange looking, they have a place among my mother's nicer decorations.

A classy looking reindeer made out of a Christmas light bulb and some googly eyes.

This lovable mess was created by Melanie. ...I think it is supposed to be a ginger bread man?

A very glittery and girly picture frame I made for my mother while I was in Sparks.

A dog ornament made from a Milkbone dog treat.

I believe this decoration is simply a chocolate wrapper pressed flat against a circle back.

Another reindeer decoration made by Pamela. This was created from a clothing hanger and a pair of pantyhose.

Another interesting creation - some sort of animal Santa made from a bagel.

In my opinion, this is one of the cuter homemade crafts in our house. It is a little melting "puddle" snowman.

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