Holiday Decor

The majority of my family's holiday decorations consist of old crafts my sisters and I have made for our parent as presents. Friends and family who have come over to visit understand that this is not an understatement. Between the three of us being enrolled in Sparks, Brownies and Girl Guides we have accumulated quite a collection of quirky homemade crafts. Add to that the absurd amount of Christmas presents that we used to make throughout all of December as elementary school students, and you have a house overrun with flawed and awkward decor.

Now, I am sure most parents receive holiday crafts from their children during this time of year, but I do not think many treasure and keep these little tokens like my mother does. I have never seen a house quite like mine in the month of December. Our Christmas tree is covered in old elementary school ornaments - and I would not have it any other way.

Two days ago as I was walking into the house after the long drive from Guelph to Ottawa, I happened to catch Pamela decorating the Christmas tree. She very quickly pointed out an interesting little decoration she happened to come across. We laughed for a good several minutes over it.

It is so typical that several years ago when Pamela was given some felt to make a Christmas tree ornament, she came up with a Pikachu. Although this has nothing to do with Christmas whatsoever, it still has a place on our lovely tree filled with childhood memories.

To show you guys just how much a Pikachu ornament does not surprise me, here are pictures of Pamela's Halloween costume from the same year:

From left to right: Pamela as Pikachu, Melanie as a witch, and myself as an Alouettes Cheerleader.

What an adorable little snot. This was not the only year Pamela went as a Pikachu either. From a quick glance through some photo albums she has gone as Pikachu at least one more year besides this one.

This is exactly why I adore our tradition of putting up awkward, handmade Christmas crafts each year. It helps to bring back great memories from our childhood, whether they are sentimental or just plain goofy.

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