This is a very belated post that I had meant to upload after Thanksgiving.
Now, that might not sound like too long ago to any American viewers, but I'm Canadian...which means my Thanksgiving was back at the beginning on October. Somehow I completely forgot about these pictures that I had been so excited to post! Nevertheless, at least I'm finally uploading them now.

While my family was visiting for Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to see some new additions to my little sister's wardrobe. Pamela has such a good sense of style, and she always makes a point of making sure she's dressed well - which I certainly wasn't like at 17. In fact, I still have a pretty lackluster wardrobe. Whenever I'm home I look forward to looting her closet for things to wear while I'm visiting.

Have a look at how adorable and fashionable she is. The shoes and the scarf...those dark wash jeans. Man, I need new jeans.

Oh, she's so cute. I miss her. 

While we were visiting Melanie's house in Waterloo we got to hang out with some cute mallard ducks. Pamela teased them for a bit by pretending she had food.

It was a really sweet having them visit, I really love being able to show my family around Guelph. 

I'm at that point now too with exams that I just can't wait to go home! My exams start Tuesday - despite not feeling too prepared, the idea that they'll soon be over is driving me forward.

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