Being Productive

Today was a really good productive day. All my housemates have already headed home for the holidays, so I had the house to myself.

I spent the day cleaning my room, dusting and getting things organized again after my brain-numbing two weeks of exams. Since no one was home I got to blast my music and sing along. So much fun! I enjoy having some privacy after a semester of living in a student house full of ten girls.

While I was doing chores I decided to bake a loaf of beer bread using an old can of beer that's been lying around. It's so good, and the easiest bread to make. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside with a slight hint of beer: it's bliss. 

I've already overindulged and now I'm feeling full and content. I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight, that's for sure!

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