Hey everyone! I'm sorry for my lack of posting for the past few days. Things have been really busy with packing and moving back to school. The good news is that the ride went well, and all my things and pets made it back safely.

I'm just in a very bummed out mood right now. I'm not prepared to be back in Guelph so soon for a couple of reasons. I could have used a little bit longer to rest and recuperate. I have great classes this semester and I'm really excited for them, but for some reason it just feels like my last semester never ended. Even after I had my first class today I still felt as though there is unfinished it possible to need closure from school?

Regardless, the biggest issue right now is my living arrangements. The only thing I'd been dreading over the break was coming back to my house here in Guelph. It's a great location and I love the neighborhood, but the biggest issue for me is that it's a 10 person student house. I just feel like I'm getting too old for this kind of environment. It never did suit me; I'm quiet, a homebody, and I like having my own space and time alone. The best way I could describe this house is like a college residence, only off-campus.

It's just very draining for me to be around all these people with very different personalities and expectations. It's hard after living at home for three weeks to come back to a house that is loud, full of commotion, and filled with dissimilar people of all different maturity levels. To make matters worse half the house is subletting this semester, so we have 5 new sub-tenants coming in. So far things have been fine, but it's just 5 new people to adjust to who each have very different ideals on cleanliness and noise-levels.

I hate writing rants or complaining on my blog. I know I've very fortunate to have these opportunities to go to school and experience living away from home. However, I'm just drained from the past two days of living here. I'm tired and I have a headache. I'm fed up with waking up throughout the night or in the early morning to the sounds of people talking outside my bedroom door, or screaming halfway across the house. Asking people to keep it down has been stressing me out because it puts me in the awkward situation of seeming like a princess or a nag.

I'm just grumpy and a bit homesick. I can't wait to have a quiet and comfortable place of my own someday. It's just a matter of surviving these 4 months now. Here's hoping things will settle down within the next few weeks once school starts heating up!

Can anyone relate?

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