Wine Party

Two Fridays ago some of my good friends were hosting a classy wine party at their house. I decided to attend despite being busy, and I'm glad I did because it was a really fun night. The selection of wine everyone brought was fantastic and people were looking fancy in their semi-formal attire.

It was great to get out and socialize. Although I didn't drink much (I had a lot of work to do the next day) I did manage to help finish off a bottle of sugar code 8 wine. Everyone found it to be obnoxiously sweet, but I thought it was delicious!

I was also really excited to see a special someone who was also at the party...

Turns out my friend Brianna was also invited to the wine party through a mutual friend!

Bri and I attended the same high school in Ottawa, and she's good friends with my sister, Melanie. We both got to know each other while playing on our high school's ultimate frisbee team. She's lovely and I was thrilled that she was there.

After a couple of hours of drinking wine most of the guests headed downtown for some dancing. I had a ride back home with Kevin, so I stayed behind and started pigging out on the leftover cheeses. Before I left, Dave and I decided to play a couple of rounds of our favorite game - Pokemon Stadium 2.

You would not believe how much we get into this game. We're ridiculously competitive about it: we crank the difficulty up to hard and then challenge ourselves. I often win at the trivia game (I know some of the most embarrassing Pokemon facts), and Dave will sometimes win the minigames... when we don't lose to a computer player.

This time we convinced Kevin to play with us. He was probably shocked at just how excited we were to play.

Here's some photo documentation of Dave and I childishly sitting cross-legged in front of the television whilst munching on Oreos:

We're so happy.

It was such a good night. Hopefully there will be more to come before graduation!

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