College Royal 2012

Hey everyone,

So this past weekend was College Royal, which is an event and open house that the University of Guelph hosts each year. This year marks the last year I'd be participating in College Royal as a student, so I was sure to sign up for all of my favorite contests. This year I took part in the pancake flip competition, photography competition and the ultimate frisbee tournament. 

This pancake flip competition took place on St. Patty's day, so my team decorated and dressed up for the event. It was definitely a success!

We managed to get one of the best pancake flavors there: banana chocolate chip. We did really well in the competition; we placed second, and sold the most pancake out of the other three teams there. 

This was the only thing I did towards celebrating St. Patrick's Day. When I got home I took off the accessories and scrubbed the bright green eyeshadow from my eyes. 

As for the photography contest, I managed to place third in one of the two categories I entered. My winning picture was an old photo from two years ago that I entered in the "People" category. I found it a little funny I placed at all because the picture I entered wasn't quite human focused:


I also entered the "Photographer's Choice" category with my photograph of the frog and mosquito that I've blogged once before. That was the photo I originally thought would have been a contender for a ribbon, but unfortunately I didn't win. I was also entering the experienced level this time, so a lot of the winning photos were very deserving.

The last event I partook in was the ultimate frisbee competition on Sunday. Man - let me just say that I'm so sore today as a result. Being the day after St. Patrick's day, only 5 people showed up for our team. The event was actually a lot longer than usual; in the past it's always been a short 2 hour tournament, but this year it was around 4 hours long. It was draining. We had no subs, and had to beg other players and passerby's to play with us in order to have the mandatory 7 players. Thankfully Guelph is a friendly place and a really cute couple who used to play ultimate joined our team.

Here are the five of us after the long and hot day. I look like I'm about to crumple over and collapse.

Today I'm definitely feeling the pain from how much running I did. My back, legs, hips, and even my right arm are stiff and sore. Now's when I wish I had a nice bathtub or hot-tub to soak in.

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