School Stress

Well hello everyone!

I just wanted to report that I'm back to blogland after surviving possibly the worst week of the semester. I'm so thankful that I had reading week to prepare for it, even though it didn't really seem to make a difference. You ever have situations like that? Where no matter how much prepping and planning you do, you just had too much on your plate to begin with?

Well that was me this week.
Several events left me emotionally torn and exhausted, and with the addition of several assignments and a last minute surprise presentation...I completely fell apart. Thankfully I managed to get an extension on an assignment that was very important to me - which helped to restore my faith in professors.

Just a couple of hours ago I was finishing up the final touches on my last assignment for the week: a 5000 word annotated bibliography.

Now that the stressful rush is over I'm left to put my life back together: I washed my dishes, did two loads of laundry, ate a nutritious dinner. Tomorrow I plan on cleaning the piles of textbooks and scientific journal articles off my floors and finally get some groceries.

I can now also start to refocus on myself. I'm hoping tomorrow I can get out to do some bird watching and hopefully start putting up blog posts. (I have so many pictures from over reading week that I wanted to share, but I was too busy to edit and upload them!)

Anyways, hopefully within the next couple of days you'll start seeing more of my writing on here. But for now...
My bed is beckoning me.

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