Winterlude 2012

When I was back in Ottawa over reading week, I took a day to go and see the ice sculptures at Winterlude. This year was a bit of a bust: the weather had been unseasonably warm, and I happened to visit the last weekend the festival was open. Everything was melting and the canal even had to be closed because the ice was in a bad condition. 

The result was a huge crowd of tourists all congregating around the ice sculptures at confederation park; tourists that would have usually been dispersed throughout the canal. Despite being really busy, it was still nice to go out and see the sculptures with my parents. Not to mention I also got some yummy maple syrup taffy! 

Here's some pictures that I took before I realized my camera was covered in maple syrup: 

For those who don't know, this is maple syrup taffy. I highly recommend it to anyone who's never tried it, as well as beavertails. Both are delicious Canadian treats!


I also loaded up on samples of tea. This one was chocolate spice and it tasted spectacular.

The empty canal. Something about it just didn't feel the same.
What a pathetic winter we've had. I'm surprisingly dissapointed.

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