Early Spring in the Ravine

Meet Stef, one of my best friends. She's one of the few reasons that I'm glad to be back in Ottawa at present. 

Stef and I are pretty old friends; we first met in middle school, and became quite close in high school when we started playing on the same ultimate frisbee team. Stef, like me, went to the University of Guelph after she graduated from high school. She helped introduce me to many amazing people in Guelph.

I'm really excited to have Stef for the summer. She's going to law school in September, but in the meantime she'll be living and working back in Ottawa. Stef recently just got back from a long trip spent travelling and voluteering in India (which she blogged here). The two of us can really relate in terms of feeling uncomfortable being back in Ottawa.

Thankfully, Stef is another nature lover and she's always down for a hike or walk outside. We've already started exploring the ravine near my house despite the rainy and wet weather. It's the perfect conditions for me to play with my new camera; there's all sorts of moss and fungus to capture. 

I'm really excited about this duo. Hopefully Stef and I can get ourselves out of the house more often.

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