A Farewell to my Undergrad

Hey everyone!

I'm sorry for my absence for the past couple of months. To be honest, I was just putting off this blog post for awhile. I felt like it had to be written, but I was in denial. Hell, I'm still in denial.

My undergrad is officially over. It's very bittersweet: I had such an amazing time in Guelph and really became myself at school there, but the past two years of school were really draining for me. In the end, I managed to achieve my academic goals and got the grades I was aiming for (which means getting a Masters isn't out of the question), and I also met the most amazing group of people.

In fact, I've come along way from the girl I was four years ago. I'm less shy, and a lot more comfortable around groups of people. I also understand now how to properly study and learn, and I'm a much quicker learner.

There I am four years ago leaving home for Guelph. I was so anxious about meeting friends and whether I'd enjoy my program after dropping out of college. Fortunately it was the best decision I've ever made.

Since graduating I've only gone back to Guelph once for my convocation. I remember I wasn't thrilled at all with the thought of convocating. I was upset that I wouldn't be convocating with any of my friends, and I was also a bit disappointed that the Bachelor of Arts and Sciences degree did not include any mention of our specializations. This annoyed me a bit, because I felt that my minors define me more as a student than just my degree alone. 

Regardless, I'm glad I went. Despite not having any friends there, it was a good way to close off this past part of my life. I'm really glad my parents were there and got to see it; they've been my biggest support through these past four years. I'm so grateful they continued to believe in me and shared the burdens when I was ever having a rough time.

Anyways, enough reflection! Here are some gorgeous pictures from my convocation:

The ceremony was hosted in the gorgeous War Memorial Hall on campus. Usually convocation at The University of Guelph is hosted in the Athletics Dome, but it was under construction this year. I definitely lucked out, because this is one of my favorite buildings on campus and it made for a much cozier ceremony.

For whatever reason, of all the pictures my dad took this was the only one that wasn't blurry. I wonder about my luck sometimes haha.

There I am walking back to my seat after getting my degree. I was the second last person of the final ceremony to get a degree. For some silly reason I was nervous about tripping and that it would be the last thing everyone remembered. (Thankfully that didn't happen, but there were some close calls with all the crazy heels some girls were wearing!)

And now some outdoor picture taken after the ceremony:
I didn't have any friends to take pictures with, but I at least got some pictures with my parents. Aren't we cute?

And here's your typical "jumping in front of Johnston Hall" picture.

What a wonderful 4 years it's been! I'm going to miss it so much. I'm already hoping for a chance to visit Guelph again soon. 

I'll stay in touch from now on, I promise! In fact, I still need to show you guys the final graduation pictures from when me and the boys went to the professional studio on campus. They're adorable. Next post!


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