Exploring Petrie Island

This is just a post to share some pictures from the latest hiking adventure Stef and I took. This time we wandered to Petrie Island, a city beach here in Ottawa. Though the public beach has a pretty controversial history (don't even get me started), there is a nice trail that explores some of the undeveloped areas of the island.

Stef and I went for our hike right at sunset, so it made for some gorgeous pictures I hope you all enjoy. We saw a record number of mammals for such a short walk including a raccoon family, a muskrat and countless skunks. However, our time getting back to the car was challenging because it had gotten dark and we had to stay clear of all the skunks walking about.  

I hope you're all well!

PS. Don't me and my Ottawa "girlfriend" look great together? Honestly, I'm so happy this girl is around this summer. I'd go stir crazy without her.

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