Graduation Photos

As promised, here are some of the graduation photos that the guys and I got taken this past fall. We went to Anderson-Coats Photography, which is located in the University Center on campus. It was alright, pretty awkward at times as it's quite rushed and the photographer will say some weird things in an attempt to make you smile.

Regardless, it's really the outdoor shots that make it all worthwhile - especially in fall. Despite the fact that it was raining during our shoot (which I mentioned in a previous post), the outdoor group pictures turned out really well. Mind you, the poor photographer didn't really know what to do with us. A lot of the usual poses he has people do are oriented more towards girls, so a group of 4 guys and a girl was a little tough (note: the awkward pyramid picture below).

So final conclusion: I'd recommend the experience to people who are really looking for outdoor portraits and group shots. If you have a tight group of friends and want a good memory of your undergrad, I'd recommend considering it!

So here are the final shots. I'd like to thank Dave for buying the CD of unedited photos, two of which I've posted below.

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