Kingston, Ontario Part 2

As promised, here are some more pictures from my journey to Kingston.

On the first day of my visit I managed to get into town in the early afternoon, so Stef and I took advantage of the sunshine and decided to explore the waterfront. It was beautiful! The wind was still and the angle of the sun was just right so that the water's surface perfectly reflected the sky. Stef and I were kicking ourselves that we only had our cell phones to take pictures with.

The next morning (after the visit to campus, the crepes, the parade, and all the other things described in my first post) we went back to explore the waterfront again. This time we were met by a very jolly looking dollar store Buddha. He was probably just something silly that students left out on a concrete post, but I thought he looked photogenic enough for a picture along the water.

We walked by city hall on the way to another park when we noticed a vintage sale. Stef and I checked it out and spotted lots of old records, jewelry and antiques. I thought these three pups were rather charming with their violins. They kind of reminded me of Snoopi!

The last place Stef took me was a much quieter park called Douglas Fluhrer Park. She wanted to show me a bench out on Molly Brant Point that she lovingly referred to as "the date bench". It was definitely a scenic location that would be wonderful for a casual date or a picnic. As we got to the point, the low water level revealed a secret that Stef didn't even know about.

The skeletal remains of two old schooners were visible in the low November tide. It was really interesting to see, and helped once again to solidify the old history of the city of Kingston. There were even several children's bikes in the water that had been colonized by hundreds of molluscs. 

 Since Douglas Fluhrer Park had less pedestrian traffic than the waterfront close to downtown, there were quite a few waterfowl in the area. Of course - having my new camera - this turned into a bird watching/photography session for me. I'd like to thank Stef for patiently waiting around while I was entertained with the ducks. 

This is a male and  female american wigeon. The shoreline was abundant with these guys. I've seen american wigeon before in Guelph, but never in such big groups. 

These two are male northern shovelers. This is actually the first time I've seen this duck before! There were three males relaxing just along the shoreline, but they were very timid when I started approaching. I stalked them for a while and was determined to get a good picture. Thank goodness I have a 26x zoom on my new camera! It definitely came in handy for this picture. 

Well, that's it for the pictures of my adventure with Stef. I look forward to going back to visit her soon! I'm sure I'll plan a trip for the winter - I can just imagine how beautiful the city will look with a fresh coat of snow.

Until my next post!

- Amanda

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