Frog Legs

As part of my trip this weekend I stayed with Alexey in Toronto. It was a good visit since I hadn't seen his new place yet and we managed to get caught up on each other's lives. He was extremely hospitable. He was nice enough to drive me to and from the Greyhound station, and had our evening completely planned with food and entertainment.

For dinner Alexey took me and his girlfriend, Maria, out for some delicious Pho. I was excited to see barbecued frog legs on the menu.

See that goofy face? That's me anticipating my first taste of frog legs. It was actually very good! I've heard people say that it tastes just like chicken. The texture was very similar, but I found it tasted like both chicken and fish at the same time (think mild fish, like tilapia). It was good and I'd definitely eat it again.

This meal was just a stepping stone to all the interesting dishes I anticipate eating when I finally get to travel South-East Asia. Until then, I plan on continuing to test how adventurous I am when it comes to food.

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