A Little Bit of Self-Doubt

Those close to me know that I've been working out and weightlifting for a little over a year. The original goal of this was simple: become stronger. At any point in the future, I want to be able to look back and know that I took full advantage of my youth and pushed myself while I was in my prime.

At some point towards the end of last summer, I made a goal to compete in an obstacle-based race such as the Spartan Race or Tough Mudder. I was just starting to see results from my new routine, and I wanted to set a goal that would highlight just how much stronger I had become.

I had decided on the Spartan Race and signed up to run with Kevin in Ottawa. The race date is now three days away and I'm starting to panic a little bit. What if I struggle through most of the course? What if I let myself down after this whole year?

I need to relax and reflect. I've done the hard work (I have a creepy bicep vein to prove it). At this point I can only do what my mother always tells me to do, "just try your best."

Today was my last training day before taking two days off before the race. I decided on a 5 km run through the ravine, some "obstacles" at a local park, followed by some burpees when I got home. Besides the burpees, I think I'm more than capable of holding my own during the Spartan Race. Originally I had been worried about my upper body strength, but I came across a really great park today that proved me wrong.

It's hard to find a decent play structure these days! They're usually reconstructed to be ridiculously safe for children. This is the first park I've come across in my area that was actually significantly taller than I am. For practice, I swung across the monkey bars three times (for once I couldn't touch the ground) and I also climbed my way up "the pole". 

I think my trail running in the ravine will be a godsend. The Spartan Race is taking place at a ski hill, so I have no doubt there will be lots of running up and down steep slopes. The ravine has allowed me to become familiar with running hills and learn how to safely keep myself in control despite my momentum. I've also worked a lot on not being afraid to run on wet earth or through puddles. An additional bonus to this is that I've gotten better at running with muddy and wet shoes. Boy, did I ever dirty my trail runners tonight!

This, my friends, is how trails are meant to be run.

I'm off to go drag my aching body into bed and get some rest. Please send any positivity, good thoughts and luck my way for the big race! (If you know how to bottle endurance then please send it my way too!)

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