An Update

There's some news that I've kept private from my blog for some time now while I've waited to get my life figured out. For a period of around 6 months, (probably last September to this February) my blog became very inactive. The reason for this was that I was busy researching and applying to universities for graduate school.

After spending a year working after my undergrad, I knew it was the right decision to go back to school for a masters; I missed learning, reading and research so much more than I thought I would. The application process was highly stressful and a lot of work. I spent countless hours writing emails to professors requesting references, updating my CV, and writing my statement of interest. It was one of the most doubtful periods of my life. However, all the stress and dedication paid off, and I was accepted to both of the universities I applied to: Simon Fraser University and Dalhousie University.

Both of the programs I applied for were very similar, but I found the research opportunities at Simon Fraser University were a much better fit to my interests. So behold: a new adventure! Beginning this September, I'll be studying out in Burnaby, British Columbia.

This new start is what brought me out to Greater Vancouver this week to find a place for myself.

Apartment hunting has been quite overwhelming; it's definitely a very different ball game out here compared to Guelph. Thankfully, after seeing several different basement suites and apartment units, I think I've managed to find something that's perfect for the next stage of my life.

Don't ask me yet how I feel about the Greater Vancouver area; I'm not quite sure. Safe to say, it wasn't like the instant love and connection I had for Guelph. I think the wilderness of BC will be the redeeming factor for me. The horizon out here is nothing but water, mountain and forest, and I can't wait to explore it in the next few years.

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