The Big Apple (Highway 401)

While driving back home from Guelph this past weekend, Bri and I decided to stop for dinner at The Big Apple. She had never had the chance to see this place before, so I thought it was a good opportunity to do a little sight-seeing while grabbing some food.

The food was good! Bri ordered herself a Cesar salad pita, which came with real grilled chicken and bacon. She requested extra lettuce, and she ended up with a huge pita that couldn't be contained. On a less healthy note, I got myself a grilled cheese sandwich made with apple bread and apple slices. Although it sounds like a weird combination, I'm a big fan of apples and cheese and it tasted amazing.

After eating we decided to check out the farm animals in the petting zoo. There was nothing too exciting except maybe the llama and a couple of frisky donkeys. I guess I'm just a little disappointed there were no goats. Despite not meeting my goat criterion, I can see how little kids would love this place. I used to love The Big Apple when I was younger and my parents were definitely glad to have me exhaust my energy during long drives.

The petting zoo wasn't all bad; I got to befriend a moody sheep when I decided to feed him some snacks. I couldn't help it. I'm just a sucker for ungulates and a country girl at heart. 

We didn't have time to go inside the apple (where there is a small museum), but before leaving Bri and I had to get a dorky tourist picture with the star of the 401: The Big Apple. 

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