Trail Runners: XR Crossmax

Lately I seem to keep spending more and more money on shoes. I never was a shoe girl, but these aren't conventional girly shoes anyways. I'm talking about athletic shoes. Since this spring started I've purchased a pair of Adidas Cupa Mundial cleats for ultimate frisbee, as well as a pair of Asics for jogging. I guess after losing my big toenail twice last summer I've come to realize just how important quality footwear is.

Considering these two big purchases, I was a little hesitant when I first thought of adding trail runners to my growing collection. However, I finally caved earlier this week when I found a beautiful pair of Salomon XR Crossmax on sale.

These shoes are definitely made for dirt trails. The soles have treads so you have a good grip on the terrain and they also have convenient quick-draw laces that stay out of the way. Today I decided to put them to the test. It rained all day today and when I got home from work I was antsy to get them out to the ravine. 

Guys! It was so much fun! I found the shoes way more comfortable than my Asics and absolutely loved being able to run through the trails of the ravine. I felt like I had finally found my niche in running. I'm in my element on those dirt trails, and I feel less aware of the fact that I'm running because I'm being stimulated and challenged. I find when I run on pavement I get disengaged; nothing's interesting and I feel exhausted, uncomfortable and awkward. This was the very opposite. I was tuned into my surroundings while I leaped around slippery tree roots and listened for any people or animals nearby.

I was out for about half an hour and felt like I wanted to continue, but I was afraid I would lose too much light. It was definitely a very different feeling than after jogging on pavement. Usually I feel extremely sore in my hips and knees after running, but I think running on the dirt was much lower impact despite all the hills. 

I might be hyped up on endorphin's right now, but I'm really glad I made this purchase. I can't wait to take these trail runners back outside! They did quite well in the dirt, rain and mud too:

The important question remains: How are the socks?

Completely dry. No mud, but some little specs of dirt on the toes. I never thought I'd say it, but I'm a happy runner! Welcome to the shoe family, Salomon! 

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