All Moved In

I can finally say that I'm all settled into my new place. It took a lot of time and energy to furnish the apartment, but I'm really proud of it now. The furniture is pretty inexpensive and from Ikea, but it's by far the best setup I've had so far (I'll just have to keep any drunk guests from standing on the furniture).

I usually don't put so much effort into my surroundings, but I thought it would be a good idea seeing I'm entering a stressful program in a new city that is over 4000 kilometers away from any place I'd call home. I'm staying optimistic, but I've heard the rain season is hard for many people and the city can be a little pretentious. What better than to have a comfy space to surrender to at the end of the day?

The living areas of my apartment look great from these pictures, but it's also an older building with some quirky features from the 1980s. I suppose some people wouldn't be able to live somewhere outdated, but I find it endearing and more homey. The kitchen has a very old fridge that has a habit of freezing food, and my oven has an analogue timer. Even my bathroom has some old quirks including a red heat lamp.

And let's not forget the strangest quirk I found when I first moved in: a terrifying Ronald McDonald light switch in my bedroom.

Don't worry. I scrubbed him off almost immediately. 

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