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Friday, August 9, 2013

Back, But Leaving Too Soon

Hey everyone!

I took a bit of an absence from my blog for the past two weeks while I traveled around the Greater Toronto Area to say goodbye to many of my friends. It was a long trip because I spent it constantly moving about and sleeping on couches, but I do still wish I had more time because I didn't get to see absolutely everyone and do everything I had wanted.

What matters though is that I got to spend the last of my time in Ontario with the friends that I didn't get to see much over this last year.

My trip took me to many places, both old and new: Kingston, Ajax, Toronto, Guelph, Gravenhurst, Buckhorn, and Peterborough. I'll likely be posting up pictures of some of these places over the next few days while I pack my things for the move. My flight for British Columbia leaves on Tuesday mornings, so it's just starting to sink in how little time I have.

- Amanda


  1. Good luck with the move! Have a save flight!

  2. HAVE A SAFE TRIP !!! Best wishes out West. -Clark.