Sears Failed Me

Today was not a good day. I was expecting a shipment of a futon and a full bed, both of which had been purchased and ordered two months ago. I received a call from Sear's shipping department an hour before the delivery made it to my apartment. Apparently, there had been a complication and the order for my bed was cancelled.

What the hell Sears? You had two full months to get my order figured out. Two months! Quite frankly, I find there's no excuse that: 1) you ran out of stock of my mattress model, and 2) you didn't notify me of this earlier. In fact, even just a day or two earlier would have been tolerable, but I can't help but think that this warning could have been made even a week beforehand.

Things are just messy right now in my new apartment; I have so many suitcases lying around full of things that have nowhere to go. I was really looking forward to finally filling up spaces and getting things organized. Not to mention, I've been travelling these past few weeks and spent the majority of my time sleeping on couches or camping on the ground. Last night I slept on a pool blowup in my new bedroom.

As foolish and selfish as it sounds, I'm just really ticked off right now that I don't have a bed to sleep on tonight. In fact, I won't have a bed for at least several more nights until I figure out this situation and get a new bed delivered to my apartment. I'll have to go to a different company too, since Sears did nothing to redeem themselves and keep me as a customer.

Clearly, I'm just livid right now and need to vent this anger.

Fuck you, Sears.

(On the bright side, I received my futon without any problems. I'm letting my mother sleep on it while she stays with me for the week. Sears, this doesn't change things between us. I'm still pissed.)

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