To Chaos and Back Again

Ah yes, a photo of my apartment a few days ago. It was so empty and untouched. Going into this move, I didn't realize just how messy and disorganized things were bound to get. I knew that furnishing my apartment would be a pain (I couldn't rationalize the price of moving my old, second-hand furniture across Canada) but I just didn't comprehend just how much energy it would require to gather the whole package.

As the furniture was being assembled, the apartment went from neat and empty to a messy clutter of cardboard, turnkeys, and suitcases. The past two days were the worst, since the bulk of the objects were being built. Finally, I can say that it's all settled down and started coming together. In a day or two I should be finished turning the space into a home, but for now here are some pictures of my WIP apartment from the past few days.

A little bit messy, isn't it?

Oh, and great news! For those who read my last blog post about Sears and my missing bed, look at what was delivered today:

I'm so excited! I'll be sleeping on cloud nine tonight!

Unfortunately, Sears never ended up doing anything regarding my out-of-stock bed, but this mattress was delivered to me for the earliest possible date by Sleep Country. To be honest, I've never had a bed this nice before and I look forward to sleeping in my new, cozy sanctuary. 

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