Waking Up in Muskoka

These pictures are from before my move to BC when I was travelling Southern Ontario. It's a little belated, but I figured I wanted to share these on my blog.

Before camping in Buckhorn, Kevin needed to take a trip to his family's cottage in Muskoka to fix a water pump. I had been on the road for almost a week at that point, so I had no camping gear besides a pillow and a sleeping bag. Kevin's cottage was well equipped with several tents and air mattresses, so I came along with the hopes of finding some items for the weekend camping trip.

We got into the cottage at one in the morning, and all I could see from the porch was the milky way in the sky. I was ecstatic to see the stars so brilliantly and Kevin told me, "just wait until you look outside in the morning." After several days of sleeping on couches, I was happy to chose from one of the many beds in the cottage. I picked a dainty room with typical cottage wood paneling. These types of cottages always remind me of the summers of my childhood spent in a cottage home in Point-Calumet, Quebec.

Kevin was right though, the view in the morning was amazing. 

The lake looked glorious during the crisp and cool morning. There were several cottages built all along the lake, and there was already a boat in the water pulling a water skier. My childhood cottage experiences were no where near this luxurious, so I took full advantage. Kevin got started on the water pump while I relaxed on the dock in my pjs with some tea.


Kevin, of course, was hard at work fixing the pump all day. I helped him when I could, but mostly took the time to collect camping gear and take pictures. Before we left in the late afternoon, Kevin made sure we took a trip into Gravenhurst to The Bakery, where they had some of the best homemade donuts I've ever seen.


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