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Sunday, January 19, 2014


I've been feeling a lot more in-control this semester. I'm more confident with my classes and my interactions with professors, and I'm also not putting myself down as much. I think being home for December really helped me rejuvenate. 

I've also been trying to look at school more like a job. I'm attempting to only put in 40-45 hours each week so that I still have time for myself and don't burnout. It's common in academia to feel like you're  procrastinating when you aren't studying. I'm hoping this will get me to be more productive when I am working, and help me to justify relaxing when I'm not.

One thing I have noticed is just how exhausting 8 hours of school work is. At around the 6 hour mark, I start feeling really unfocused and tired. I'm starting to think that absorbing information and learning takes a lot more energy than just working. 

In fact, I took a picture of myself a few days ago when I was working on an assignment around 8:30 at night. I have hazel eyes that are somewhere between gold and green in color, and my mom swears that she can always tell when I'm getting sick from my eyes. I think it's because red veins bring out the green, which is exactly what I noticed from this picture.

On the bright side though, I think the 40 hour plan is working so far. I've managed to get to the gym this week and also spent this whole weekend relaxing. With time, I'm sure the 8 hours of studying will get easier as I adjust. If all goes well, I'll hopefully be able to dedicate Sunday to exploring the city a little more. I'd really like that; I've been missing taking my camera places and collecting pictures to share.


  1. You're so beautiful! I can see what your mother mean, but sometimes all we need is a good rest/sleep!
    Sounds nice to still have some time for yourself eventhough you study. It can be so exhausting to study many hours, I do it 2 times a week because I need to complete the math exams I didn't do when I was in highschool so I know what you mean :(
    I'll be waiting for more pictures from you :D

    1. Thanks Reut! You're very right about getting sleep. It's so draining to study, and I find I need more sleep than usual these days. Good luck with the math exams! I used to avoid math too, but now I'm taking a statistics class to make up for it. It always seems to catch up eventually :P

    2. Thank you so much!
      I think math is the Satan,,, you can never really avoid it :(

  2. To say you are beautiful is an understatement!! You are stunningly beautiful. I am happy to hear you are gaining confidence in your dealings with academia. Looking forward to your photos.

    1. Thank you for the wonderful words Britta! I'm also relieved to have a bit more confidence this year, it makes everything much less stressful. Hopefully I'll be sharing some new photos soon.

  3. Green Eyes! Keep up the good work. YOU CAN DO IT!!!
    Use your FERRARI Pen to speed up those assignments!