Cathedral Grove

While on Vancouver Island, my Dad and I really wanted to see Cathedral Grove in MacMillan Provincial Park. It was such a beautiful place and my favorite part of the trip. Highway 4 runs through the park, making it very accessible. There is parking alongside the highway for any travelers looking to take a break and walk around Cathedral Grove. 

The most amazing thing about Cathedral Grove is that it's a protected old growth forest, with some Douglas fir trees are old as 800 years. The trees are beautiful and massive, and an impressive amount of mosses are supported in this temperate rainforest. It's an experience I don't think anyone passing through the area should pass up.

We walked the entire park, which is really accessible and well maintained. My dad and I managed to find the largest tree in Cathedral Grove. It was beautiful and over 75 meters tall. We took pictures, but I don't think we managed to capture just how amazing it was.

As if the location wasn't amazing enough, the sun started peeking through the clouds. The added sunlight made the grove even more magical, and meant better lighting for photos. I love macro photography, and Cathedral Grove did not disappoint. I have an abundance of shots to share with you all because I couldn't bring myself to select only a few.

If you're ever debating about visiting this park or just passing through, I encourage you to make the stop. Please comment and let me know if you've ever been here yourself. I'd love to hear what you thought of the location.

I hope you've enjoyed what I've shared of this beautiful place! 

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