Sea-to-Sky Highway Lookout

To get to many of our destinations, my Dad and I had to drive up the Sea-to-Sky Highway frequently. On this particular day we were driving up North to Squamish and the view of Howe Sound from the car was beautiful. We decided to stop at a lookout point on the way back home.

There were some stands describing the history of the First Nation people in the area, since this land was on traditional Coast Salish territory. There was also a lovely totem pole standing out by the lookout. 

The view of Howe Sound was fantastic - mind you, I had to sort of break the rules to get the view that I did. This of course, was all captured by my dad and his point-and-shoot.

There I am smiling back at my dad cheekily. 

While the lookout was nice, it just didn't compare to the experience of driving alongside the mountains and water. After being cooped up in the city for so long, it was very refreshing to be on a road that's surrounded by nature.

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