This semester all of the classes I'm taking are very quantitative and math heavy. This is definitely a good thing because I'll be learning the skills that are advantageous for my future career. Surprisingly, the transition to numbers was smooth and relatively painless. I've been trying for over 6 years now to force my brain to become more adept at handling calculations and logic.

It makes me wonder how much the creative side of my brain has suffered. I used to be an artistic person, but over the years I've only been drawing, painting or sculpting when it comes time to make a gift for someone. Lately I've been thinking: if I don't feed my creative side, will I lose it?

Britta, a fellow blogger, recently inspired me to buy a sketchbook. I follow her blog and she's so committed to enrolling in art courses and going out of her comfort zone. Seeing the progress from her classes over the past few months really sparked my interest in art again.

I figured I could benefit from scribbling a small sketch a few times a week, so I went on a hunt for a decent sketchbook. I managed to find one that was similar to what I had in mind. It has good quality paper and is small enough that I can easily fit it in my bag or purse.

 I was a little stumped about what to draw at first. An empty sketchbook is an intimidating thing to me. I used to be fairly good at drawing animals, so I knew that was the place to start. Fortunately, on Saturday the decision came to me. I was in a really big horse mood, so I watched Secretariat and then proceeded to draw the head of a horse.

His proportions are a little off, but I'm proud of him. I`m excited by this new pastime; it felt good to just lose myself in a drawing for a few hours.

Hopefully I`ll be able to share a new sketch with you guys soon. I`m excited to think of a new animal to draw, and perhaps eventually I`ll be able to move on to more intimidating subjects.

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