Sunset on the Seawall

*The following is an old blog post from 2014 that I'm finally getting to now that my knee is injured.*

While my dad was visiting during reading week we decided to take a walk along Vancouver's Seawall. It was beautiful weather for the time of year, and we managed to walk along the west side of the wall just as the sun began setting. My dad seemed to really appreciate the view (although he also shared my dislike of the tankers hogging the horizon).

We also spotted a large flock of Common Goldeneyes diving for food along the seawall. They're fairly common birds here in the winter, but leave a soon as the weather starts warming up. Their eyes were glowing a beautiful yellow in the sunlight, making the reasoning behind their name obvious. 

The sunset along the seawall was beautiful and peaceful. In the summer this location would be booming, but February brings an early sunset and some tranquility along the water. The Vancouver winter hasn't been my favorite, but moments like this that I can truly appreciate. 

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