First Academic Conference

This past weekend I survived my first academic conference out in Bamfield, BC. The location itself was gorgeous and remote; however, I couldn't help feel that the experience was spoiled by some carpool issues. I won't share to much, but this was my first time dealing firsthand with drunk driving.

I suppose lately I've just been dealing with disappointment from academics. Despite being are renown for intelligence, some are pretty damn stupid. I was taking a break from presentations in the main hall when a maintenance worker said something similar. He was emptying the bags in the garbage bins when he pulled out a styrofoam cup still full of coffee. He turned to me and said,

"For Ph.D's, some of you are pretty Ph.Dumb."

His words really resonated with me due to the needless drama associated with the conference. However, the conference wasn't all awful. I presented my research for the first time, despite it only being a 3 minute presentation. The science center was beautiful too, and we were given free time to explore the area. 

I forgot to bring my camera, so cellphone pictures will have to do for now. Hopefully I'll get another chance to visit Bamfield, because the town and surroundings are beautiful. Here's hoping my next conference goes a little better!