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Friday, June 20, 2014

May & June Happenings

I haven't done anything too adventurous since hiking the Stawamus Chief. While there are a few older posts I'm hoping to write, I decided to share some pictures from my phone. I've seen posts like this on other blogs, and I figured it would be a great way to share small glimpses into my life.

1. The sun is finally out and my African violets are blooming once again.
2. It's ultimate frisbee season! This is the time of bloody, split nails and blistered feet.
3. I won the spirit tie during one of my games! It's a goofy sportsmanship award.
4. My view from the office. Everyone's been stopping to pick some salmon berries. 
5. Took part in SlutWalk Vancouver.
6. View of Burnaby Heights during Hats Off Day, an annual pedestrian festival.
7. When to The Orpheum Theatre to hear the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.
8. Attempting to draw some flowers on a park bench.

That's it for now, but I hope you've all been well!


  1. Glad to see you've been well. I realized today that I find out how you are doing from your blog :P

    1. I'm glad to see it serves it's purpose while we're on other sides of the country! :)

  2. All these small glimpses into your life made me really curious! but I can tell even by them that your life seems to be really interesting ^^
    I just love it that no matter what, there's always so much green, trees and nature in your photos... it brightens up my day immediately to think about all of these beautiful parks and forests *-*
    The yellow smiling tie is so cute, I hope someone dared to wear it ;)
    And the Orpheum Theatre is stunning!!! how was the orchestra? I bet it was breath-taking, I love classical music so much!

    This is a nice idea for a post... I wish I could pick only few pics and do the same :$ but this is a really nice idea if you don't have much free time!

    1. Thanks Reut! I'm really lucky there are so many trees around, and I'm glad to hear it brightens up your day! :)
      I definitely put on the yellow tie...before someone told me that I had to give it to the MVP on the next team we played. Whoops! I was definitely all sweaty from running and probably got a lot of sweat all over that tie. :P But at least girl sweat smells amazingly less gross than guy sweat, right?
      And at the theater the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra was playing Holst's The Planets. It was a really good choice and amazing to hear live!

  3. I loved this post. Good for you, taking part in the slut walk! and sketching...

    1. Thanks Britta! The Slut Walk was an amazing experience, especially since I've found street harassment a lot more prominent in Vancouver than anywhere I've lived before. And I definitely need to keep making time for sketching!