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Monday, July 7, 2014

Hiking Lynn Canyon Park to Deep Cove

What an amazing hike! An old friend paid me a visit on the Canada Day long-weekend, and we decided to spend a day hiking the north shore of Vancouver. The hike was from the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge all the way to Deep Cove. One way it's a 12 km hike, but we made it a round trip since we took a car. 

It was a gorgeous hike, but also an amazing day. Sunny, bright, and finally a temperature that I find hot. After how dim and cloudy it's been all fall, winter and spring, it was really nice to take a hike and have the sun bursting through the treetops. 


  1. What a pretty place to hike!

  2. Suspension Bridges always seemed so scary to me, but I'm really into these dangerous experiences :P
    12 KM each way is really long and exhausting, you're lucky you were able to get a car to do that!
    It's funny you were waiting for a hot day to come since I can't stand the hear here anymore, so I am willing to give you all the heat you want!!!
    This trail looks really amazing and breath-taking, I loved the pic of the running river the most :D