Rice Lake

This weekend I went for a hike to Rice Lake in North Vancouver. To get there, I stopped by the 30 foot pool in Lynn Canyon Park. This was the first time I had been in the area during really warm summer weather, and the river was full of people enjoying the deep water. There was even a cliff that children were jumping off into the natural pool.

I continued a short while on the Seymour Valley Trail to get to Rice Lake. The lake was beautiful and still, mirroring the surroundings almost perfectly.

Rice Lake is a man-made water reservoir that's now designated for recreational use. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout, and spread out around the lake were fishermen enjoying the day. I was a bit jealous of them, since I haven't fished in years. Rice Lake would be the ideal location for a day of relaxing. However, because of the fishing, swimming isn't allowed - for good reason. Everywhere I went that day I could find signs of fishing.

This was my first hike alone in Vancouver, and I really enjoyed the experience. I had packed a lunch to enjoy along the water. The trail around Rice Lake is only 3 km, and would be very easy to do for people of any activity level. While I was there, I saw quite a few families with small children enjoying the area. It was a beautiful place.

That's all I have to share. I hope you've all been well! 

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