Abandoned Ontario Part 3: Letterkenny and Gorman Lake

The next part of our road-trip took us on the hunt for one of the hideout cabins of the Italian mobster, Al Capone. The cottage is located in Letterkenny, Ontario, a small ghost town with only a few farmers and residents. From the Ontario Abandoned Places website it sounded like the location was in rough shape and difficult to find, located somewhere up a driveway. It turned out the location was just as hard to find as I anticipated. We decided to take a walk up an long, unmarked driveway that hadn't been accessed in a while.

We walked for 5 to 10 minutes but found no evidence of a cabin in the woods. We did, however, find a broken old vehicle along with several bottles of oil and turpentine. The car looked like it had at one point veered off the road or been pushed into the ditch unwanted. 

Although the trip to find Al Capone's cabin was a bit of a bust, we did find a lovely spot along Letterkenny road to stop. Just north of Letterkenny there was a lake  called Gorman Lake, which had a public beach. As I drove by it caught my eye, so I promptly stopped the car and turned around.

These impromptu adventures are what make me miss my life in Ontario so much. I don't think it's solely the freedom that comes with having a car, I think a lot of it has to do with being around friends who are just as willing to experience something unplanned and impulsive. I suppose that's what happens after you've known each other for so long and don't get to spend much time together. Every moment becomes valuable.

The three of us loved the lake. Stef and Max even took their shoes off to wade in the water while I took photos of the area. Stef later ended up taking the camera from me so I could skip some rocks along the shore. For an overcast day, it sure was beautiful.

Well, that's all for this installment of the adventure. I have one last part left to share, which happens to be my favorite part of the trip...and possibly the best moment of my summer. I can't wait to share and reminisce! 

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