Abandoned Ontario Part 4: Newfoundout

Newfoundout was the last destination on our road trip of Ontario ghost towns, and it was the location I anticipated the most. Newfoundout was another colonization attempt by the Canadian government in the 1850s. Thirteen families settled up on the mountain with the promise that they would inherit land if they successfully built homes and cultivated a farm. Unfortunately, the soil proved poor for agriculture, so the area was abandoned before the 1900s.

Presently, the area around Newfoundout is only used for pasture and forestry, but the old pioneer log cabins remain. This was the one location of the day that felt isolated and deserted, like an actual "ghost" town. We didn't see or hear another soul the whole time. The location didn't dissapoint; there was something soothing and beautiful about witnessing the old buildings being reabsorbed by the environment.

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