Snowy Surprise

This weekend Vancouver got hit with a delicate layer of snow overnight. Snow is such a rarity here and I'm always excited by it. The winter weather in Vancouver is usually just above freezing, with rain and clouds for months at a time. We've been having colder than usual weather here lately, and I love it because it means more sun and snowy surprises like this one.

I woke up on Saturday to find a lovely little layer of snow on my balcony. It's nothing compared to what we get back home in Ontario, but here it was enough to affect traffic. So I decided against taking a trip to the gym and instead decided to sip some tea and watch the birds frolic around the birdfeeder.

They were so adorable in the snow that I just had to share. The juncos were excited to find a feeder with seeds, and were even jumping around on the balcony above and knocking down snow.

Just look at those little footprints!

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