Happy New Year friends!

I'm long overdue for a blog post, and I figured a reflection of the past year would be fitting for my first post of 2015.

Overall I feel like 2014 was an exhausting journey for me. I struggled a lot with anxiety related to my research, which has definitely affected my professional life and overshadowed the year as a whole. It wasn't all bad though. Looking back, I definitely excelled when it came to expanding my social circle – something I really needed in Vancouver. In fact, looking at my New Years Resolutions I set last year has made me realize I didn't do too bad a job.

2014's Resolutions:
✗  Work on developing a balanced life.
✓  Get back into organized sports
✓  Continue standing up for myself when necessary.
✓  Not allowing ungrateful/toxic people into my personal life
✓  Continue working on overcoming my trichotillomania compulsions.
✓  Get better at running/jogging.
✗  Continue to support myself and garner self-love.

Misses: I had tried very hard to develop a balanced lifestyle at the beginning of 2014, but that fell apart by mid-summer due to anxiety and burnout. Self-love is another difficult goal that could use more work. Once again, I need to learn how to be my own best friend.

Wins: I successfully jumped back into organized sports. I got back into playing ultimate frisbee during the summer and have been playing it every season since. Like I suspected, it was a large catalyst for my social life this year and I'm happy to say I met so many great people through the sport. That being said, I've also gotten much better at running. Summer game nights were 3 hours long, while fall game nights were 2. This meant lots of running practice! My social resolutions were also successful: I feel content about the people I've let into my life, and I definitely stood up for myself a lot this year.

My trichotillomania was especially bad this year, most likely due to the anxiety. However, I spent the year coming up with good strategies, such as wearing hats to stop the compulsion. I'm happy to say that my first course of action in 2015 was seeking professional help regarding the hair pulling. This wasn't my first time seeking help for my mental health, but this is the first time I feel as supported as I do now. I'm very optimistic about what the experience will bring!

Since the 2014 Resolutions have provided really great perspective, I feel the need to include my 2015 resolutions.


A bit of an ambitious list, but I can't help but aim high.

I hope you all are having a good beginning to the new year!