This summer my parents were supposed to make a trip out to British Columbia to pay me a visit. Unfortunately, my knee injury made sightseeing and travelling difficult, so we thought it was best to put off the trip. By August I was finally regaining my strength, so my mom and dad booked a flight into Vancouver for September. We spent several rainy days sightseeing and shopping in Vancouver, and then drove into the rain shadow of the Okanagan Valley for some wine tasting.

We stayed in Penticton while we were there. Maybe it's because it's such a different climate and environment, but I found the landscape stunning. Between the sagebrush, the sky and the lakes, there was blue everywhere you looked.

While there, we decided to check out a lookout on Munson Mountain, which is decorated with a giant "Penticton" sign. It wasn't a very high mountain, but this was my first attempt walking up a steep incline since the kneecap dislocation. I was perfectly fine taking it slow and got a much-needed confidence boost. At the top, there's a 360° view of the region.

I hope you've all been well!

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