Meet My Newest Love...

Her name is Callie and I'm so excited for the day I can say she's officially mine. I apologize for the absence on my blog, but the last few months have been a period of adjustment all thanks to this little one.

As an animal lover, I would regularly browse animal shelter websites with thoughts like "one day...". I always desired the companionship of a dog, but I've realized recently that I won't be in a position to get a dog for a few more years. Instead, this March I promised myself that once I graduate I would get a cat. I had thought this would be a good form of motivation, but my boyfriend pointed out that I was creating an unnecessary carrot for myself that would inevitably delay my happiness.

This was a revelation for me; I had never stopped and realized how much I punished myself by needing to justify the things that would make me happy. So starting in March, I started shopping in local shelters for a rescue cat. For real this time.

When I first met Callie, she was a few days away from coming off stray hold. She had been brought to the shelter by someone who had been feeding her in his backyard for several weeks. She was snuggled inside a cardboard box, sleepy but vocal. The moment I gave her a scratch she melted in my hands and started purring and kneading. I immediately signed an application to adopt her once she was released to the shelter.

A few restless days later, I found out I was approved to adopt her, but she would first need some medical work done. I was allowed to foster her in my home in the meantime. So on the 31st of March, I took Callie to my apartment where she immediately claimed the space. The road to adopting Callie has tugged on my heartstrings. After being seen by the vet, it was discovered that Callie had hyperthyroidism; her symptoms of constant hunger and thinness were previously thought to be a result of homelessness. With this diagnosis, she's most likely to around 8 or 9 years old, the beginning of her senior years.

Despite the medical issues and being presented with the option to opt out of the adoption, I decided to keep her. I am convinced I have found myself one of the loveliest and friendliest cats out there. I'm honored to give her a place she can be comfortable, healthy and loved.

So here she is. I can't wait to share our future life with you guys.

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